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                                           | Organized to provide an alternative for creative development through the collaboration of like minded individuals. We intend to enable one another through the utilization of non-profit structures designed to foster a mutually innovative and creative learning environment.


Project Goals

Meetup Events

Iowa State University
Building TBA Room TBA
On Campus – Ames, IA 50011

We are meeting at Iowa State University in Building TBA Room TBA on TBA. This is an informal meeting to socialize and get to know each other. No topics or presentations are scheduled. Free pizza, soda, and chips will be provided.

random-project2Random is a free open source community directed videogame project built on Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4.

Affiliate Project

  • Arrows
    Metahusk was launched with the intent to help improve the way learning and education endeavors are organized. In the last few decades, education costs have been spiraling towards untenable levels, while at the same time forcing students to amass increasing levels of debt, which far surpass advancements in the average US household’s income.       We seek to enable creative individuals on their path to acquire the skills and experience necessary to enter the workforce by partnering with universities, high schools, and colleges with the aim to reduce the overhead costs associated with the infrastructure required to support these undertakings.

    Our community is organized under the corporation Nonprofit Videogame Development Group, Inc., which is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization incorporated for educational purposes in 2008 as a not-for-profit C Corporation, located in the heartland of the United States of America.

  • Metahusk Growth
    We established a nonprofit corporate entity to ensure we responsibly manage our resources. This important step brings credibility, responsibility, and sustainability to our organization. There have been many crowd funded organizations launched in recent years, which have failed to materialize. We are putting structures in place to ensure the same fate does not besiege us as it has happened to many before. We are an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations to our organization can be used as a tax write off on personal or company tax returns if they are under IRS jurisdiction.
  • Metahusk Dorm
    Our organization is establishing its initial fundraising campaign by developing a few relatively simple and free video game titles, which will be produced in a fashion similar to video game modifications. Upon starting the game, these titles will ask for donations from their users in an unobtrusive manner. We are utilizing web based tools to remotely collaborate our project development between geographically separated community members. In this form of development, our overhead costs are less than $1,000 US Dollars, annually. This enables our organization to invest most of our donations towards our long term goal of establishing a physical dormitory facility.
  • Metahusk Dorm
    We are working to raise capital to acquire low cost dormitory facilities through a donation driven development model. In these facilities, we aim to host the best and brightest talent recruited from around the world. These facilities will enable us to grow our organization by providing the collaborative space required to develop our projects and raise revenue, via donation driven endeavors.
Internet Contributors

Internet Contributors

Contributors distributed around the globe are our most valuable team members. Game development is a very challenging, technical, and artistic task. Most of our members are located hundreds of miles away from each other. The internet has enabled a diverse crowd of many ethnicities and languages to come together and collectively chase their creative pursuits.

Thaddeus Delude

Thaddeus Delude

Thaddeus entered the world of hobbyist game development in 1997, with the game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. After working with a Half-Life mod team, whose leader lost the source code following a hard drive crash in 2006, he began to brainstorm ways to help others organize projects.

About Thaddeus

David Schneider

David Schneider

David entered the world of game design with table top gaming, now he has branched out into video game concepts and design. He loves all form of games and wants to drive new experiences into the hands of other gamers.

Rusty Wilkins

Rusty Wilkins

Rusty is a life-long PC game fan that who is tired of the games that many current development models are producing. A firm believer in the “those who can’t create, innovate” philosophy in seeing improvement and efficiency brought to game production. He believes design is a hobby and a dream.